Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV after 21 years of controversial service | “Anti-Republic” next ?

Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV. Yes, the massive shocker came just a few days into the year 2017. Twitter was also seen trolling Barkha Dutt over following the foot steps of Arnab Goswami who was the editor-in-chief and a news anchor of the Indian news channel “Times Now” and “ET Now” who gained fame from The Newshour with Arnab Goswami, a live debate he anchored on Times Now.

Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV – A non-Professional Journalist May be ?

Born in the year 1971, the controversial Journalist gained popularity in particular section of India. It was due to her association with NDTV India for a longer time of around 21 years.
Her front-line reporting during and after Kargil war created an different image in the minds of patriotic India. She was also awarded Padhma bhushan award for her covering in Kargil war.

She has faced many controversies in her career during Kargil war and 2008 Mumbai attacks.
During Kargil war it was said that she unintentionally passed many important information to pakistan.

She was blamed for hyping the events during 2008 Mumbai attacks and putting lives of guests at risk by identifying them on National Television. She was now popular among anti-Indians for her act and hated by civil society of India at large.

Barkha Dutt was also criticized for creating tension in some sections of the society by covering those particular areas, where there was less security. In an attempt to create a breaking news, she deliberately exposed the weak areas during the riots which escalated the riots.

She was even requested by the then CM of the state Narendra Modi to stop exposing weak spots till the armed forces cover those areas, but she refused to do so.
She didn’t hesitate in marrying kashmiri Muslim youth who too had a particular image in Indian society. It was now a compromise between professional life of a journalist and materialism.
Her first marraige lasted for six months only.

It was confusing story when she married second time. It was neither a love game nor a lust but everything in a compromising situation.

Her second husband Mr. Drabu husband was economist and chairman of Jammu and kashmir bank. If journalism means a particular ideology then it is the worst thing in the world.
She was less bothered to the torture done to the kashmiri pandits in valley or anti indian activites
in kashmir or all over India. The heroic deeds of our valued soldiers or great personalities were never
in the headlines.

She contributed a lot in shaping the NDTV which has now its own and different image in India and anti Indian Nations. As of now Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV is, all are not able to digest well. Let’s see, what she goes on to pursue next.

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