Basant Rath Shocking Video goes Viral | Basant Rath Kicks Bullet, throws activa away

 Watch Viral Video of IGP Basant Rath Kicking Off Bike And Scooty.

A Shocking Video of Jammu Kashmir’s IGP Basant Rath who is also hailed as “Singham” by locals, is doing rounds on social networking sites these days. In the video, Basant Rath was first seen throwing a Royal enfield motorcycle on the road first and then another two wheeler was kicked by him. Both the vehicles recieved minor scratches and damages.

However, even more shocking was his behavior towards the vehicle owners as he was seen showing a middle finger to the owners of the vehicle. However, the video was a bit blurred and it cannot be clearly seen that whether he treated the owners badly or not but this kicking and throwing of vehicles has derived criticism from many jammuties who use to treat him like a hero.

The act has received both praises and criticism and only time will tell what he has to say about this behavior as damaging someone’s private property illegally is a serious crime and that too by the hands of a respected police officer.

Who is basant rath ?

Basant rath Hailes from Odisha and is an alumnus of the controversial Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). He is a 2000-batch IPS officer who is best known for his straightforwardness on Facebook and microblogging site Twitter.

Why is basnat rath in news ?

Recently, Mr. Rath assumed the charge as the Inspector General of Police(IGP Traffic) in Jammu & Kashmir. Shortly after his promotion, he landed into a series of controversies for his Singham style of action directed at everyone who doesn’t follow traffic rules, doesn’t wear helmets and whom he termed as politically well-connected individuals. He even seized few police vehicles as well for not having proper documentation.


Here are some of his most notable tweets :

About VVIP culture in traffic management he tweeted:

For the female two-wheeler drivers, he gave them only two options either to buy good quality helmets or pray for his transfer from the post.

He even went ahead and shared his Whatsapp number on Twitter asking people to use their smartphone and send any kind of unlawful act on road.

He warned his fellow cops and officials to wear helmets or face consequences.

We hope Mr. Basant Rath will continue to serve honestly to the people of the jammu and kashmir without repeating such a behavior as the people of jammu and kashmir love him a lot and the kids look forward to him as a role model.

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