Coconut Health Secrets | Benefits, Uses Of Coconut For Skin And Health

Coconut , the wonder food on earth has multiple health benefits. They can even save your life! Coconut Health benefits and secrets is a must know for anyone in current times to stay beautiful through all ages.

Coconut oil hasmany health benefits, ranging from skin care, hair care, improving digestion and immunity against a host of infections and diseases to coming handy in almost all DIY beauty packs.

History of Coconut and its benefits in ancient Indian Books and Origin of Coconut

Coconut is Referred as kalpa vriksha (Sanskrit for “ Tree that supplies all that is needed to live ”) in ancient Indian Vedic Texts.

Coconut belongs to Palm family (Arecaceae). Grown in abundance in Malaysia, Polynesia and south Asia. Many years ago, Spanish explorers named them cocos – meaning ‘grinning face’, because of the three little eyes on the base of coconut, which resembled a monkey as per them.

Coconut in emergency

Coconut can be rightly termed as a life-saving food for its life saving properties. Coconuts were used during the World War II for treating the soldiers and the wounded. Since during that time, blood plasma supplies were extremely limited, it was a common practice for medics to use pure coconut water for emergency plasma transfusions for injured soldiers . Since coconut water is nearly identical to human blood, it’s suitable for people of almost all blood types.

Nutritional highlights

Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitaminsB1, B3, B5, B6, C and E and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Unlike cow’s milk, coconut milk is lactose free so it can be consumed by people having lactose intolerance.


100ml serving of coconut milk Has
154 calories 1.4g protein 15g fat
(13.2g saturates)
3.4g carbohydrate


Because of its strong antioxidant properties and Coconut health benefits, the coconuts can be used to:
              Lower cholesterol
              Improves digestion
              Removes Wrinkles and Dark lines
              Reduces Aging
              Stabilize glucose levels
              Builds  Cells
              Regulates and improves Hormones
              Weight Loss
              Increase metabolism
              Fights infections
              Improves Memory
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