Depression | Know all about Depression, Depression causes and it’s prevention

We all feel sad or Depression causes insomnia or some form of stress in us at times, but if this feeling of depression lasts longer than two weak and hinders your daily life then you need to consult doctor for it. Depression is a mental disorder that effects your thinking, daily activities, eating etc. In this article we discuss about Depression causes and prominent solutions.

Depression has many forms like:


It is mild depression that can be characterized as chronic and persistent. People with Dysthymia has the following symptoms like over eating,Excessive sleep, hopelessness. Its symptoms should least two years, then only it is persistent.

Major Depression

If the feeling of sadness and depression last longer than a week or two then we call it a Major depression. It has many more symptoms like:suicidal thoughts , loss of energy and feeling of guilty.

Seasonal Depression

This depression occurs in winters due shorter days and is absent rest of the year.

Perinatal depression

This depression occues in women after giving birth. In this depression the mother gets feeling of anxiety, sadness and energy loss. This depression may effect on daily activities of mother.

Bipolar and uni polar Depression

In this depression a person goes through a major mood swings.

Depression causes and Symptoms

1) Fatigue

2)Loss of energy

3) Feeling of guilt

4) Insomnia

5)Over Eating

6)Suicide thoughts



There are various ways by which we can treat depression those are:

Psychological Treatment

This type of treatment is also called talking therapy. In this case, the patient is motivated and is taught to fight with these depressive thoughts.

Medical Treatments

This treatment include the use of anti depressants. These anti depressants has a lot of side effects also. This treatment is the last step used by the doctors when all other treatment fails.

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