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Meditation, the word itself has become a billion dollar industry now-a-days. Let Us help you get Meditation Explained.

We Recommend Meditation as a must for your new year resolution this year to understand your soul properly and make a deep and strong bond between your body, mind and soul.

Meditation Explained

Meditation  gives you deep rest. Meditation is an activity in which the practitioner just sits and allows the mind to dissolve.

In today’s busy life we have forgotten our bodily needs. Today’s life is full of stress and overburden. Our stress not only makes us restless but also effects our health. Meditation gives us relief from all the stress in life and also make us positive.

It binds our minds with our souls and helps us to have control over our problems, happiness and sadness.

How to Practice meditation:

If we want to meditate we should sit in a relaxing position. Our legs crossed and backs straight.The tongue should touch the back of upper teeth, this helps in prevention of excessive saliva. The eyes should be half closed and half open.

After sitting properly we should take long breaths and keep all our attention towards the breath. In beginning many thoughts will come to our mind but we should try to keep our attention towards the breath.

Meditation should be done at appropriate time. Meditation transforms your mind fully and leaves you happy and fully confident.

Benefits of Mediation :

1) Relaxes mind.
2) Good Concentration.
3)Improves breathing and heart rates.
4) Lessens Brain problem.
5) Reduces Blood Pressure.
6) Increase Confidence.
7) Increase memory processing.
8) Prevents over eating.
9) Improves our thinking.
10) Enhances self-esteem and self acceptance.

Imagine a life full of happiness and no stress, just positivity around. You can achieve all this by mediation and lead a healthy and fit life.

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