Simple and Powerful Posture & Body Language Improvement Tips

Body Language Improvement and Basics

Body Language Improvement is the new hot topic. Many times we come in a situation where we are not able to relate what other people are saying because their facial expressions are different that what they say.
Body is non verbal way of communicating. Body languages are very important as it defines who we are and include out style,
our way of dressing, our hair styles our facial expressions, our eye movement and the way we walk.

Different Body Languages
Eye Contact:

Eye contact is a vital body language gesture as it shows how much you are interested in other persons talks. When you are talking to some one
then you should look into another’s eye, this way they get to know that you are listening to them.
When in an interview you have to look in interviewer’s eye as this shows how much confident you actually are.
When you are addressing many people then you have to look into another persons eye as you talk.

Facial Expressions:

We can easliy depict the mood of a person by looking at its face.
Facial expressions play a vital role in explaning what you want to say facial expressions are universal like sad, happy etc.

Look at Your Voice:

The way we speak say lot about us. Our voice says much about our confidence and our mood. Its not just what we said its about how we say it.

Body postures:

By just looking at some one we can easily say how they are feeling by looking at their body postures. If a person is active he will sit
with his back straight and a person who is feeling sleeps will keep hi head down.

By good body language you can attract many people. Make sure your body and you words match.

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