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The Supreme Court Of India sends Justice Karnan to jail for contempt. The Supreme Court of India Stated that Calcutta High Court Judge C S Karnan had “committed contempt of court”, and  sentenced him to jail for six months and ordered his custody. This is the first time in the Indian History that a sitting high court judge (Justice Karnan) has been sent to jail on charges of contempt.


“If we do not send him to jail, there will be a blemish that Supreme Court has condoned the contempt committed by a judge,” the bench said.
The statement has once again assured the public that no one is superior than the law of this country.  Law must be equal for all, whether the person is a common man or a judge or any other minister and this has been assured by the supreme court.  While twiterrati’s were seen making more trolls for the day, many celebrities have tweeted regarding this well.

Some of the famous tweets were


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