Turkey detains 800: Alleges links to Kurdish militants group PKK

Turkey detains 800: Alleges links to Kurdish militants group PKK

Turkish police have detained more than 800 people including supporter and activists over alleged links to Kurdish militants in the past few days, as referendum on new constitution approaches.

The search and arrest operations were carried out in 37 provinces leading to arrests of people in hundred’s.

Turkey detains 800 : Alleges links to Kurdish militants group PKK

The raids were conducted simultaneous by Police in 37 different provinces and taken many people into custody, which has since led to wide spread protests against this crack down policy, not only in Turkey but across the world.

The operations were launched because police authorities received intelligence that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leadership had instructed its militants to escalate attacks after February 15, the day marking the  anniversary of the capture of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya in 1999.

It is important to note that PKK is a  designated terrorist group not only by Turkey but also by the European Union and the United States. Pkk launched an armed insurgency against the Turkish state in 1984 and more than 36,000 people have been killed till date.

People have condemned this crack down on social media and on various other platforms. Social media messages and videos, condemning the crack down were seen spreading across sites like facebook, twitter and many other social media platforms.

Social activists across the globe have came in support of those arrested and are demanding immediate actions for the release of those arrested.


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