Banks to Levy Rs 150 for transaction | Get ready for the shocker from HDFC, ICICI, Axis banks | Jamhuriat

Here’s the latest shocker from the banks, “Banks to Levy Rs 150 for transaction”.

Leading Banks of India like HDFC, ICICI,Axis banks decided to impose charges after four transactions. HDFC bank announced that they will be charging Rs 150 per transaction charge after four trasactions upto Rs 2 Lakh including deposit and withdrawal where as the other banks like ICICI are deciding their amount.

The Axis bank has given a transaction limit of five upto Rs 10 Lakh. This step is taken by banks so as motivate people to move to digital banking.

The new charges are applicable to savings as well as salary accounts. The Banks will now cab third party trasactions at 25000 per day.
These charges are imposed on Branches only not on ATM.

A Senior official from public sector bank said that there are no directives from the government to the banks regarding such impositions.


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