Best Microphone in India For Youtubers, Singers and Gamers

A Good Microphone leads to a good, clear and deep voice is desired by most of the people. A good voice, that leaves an impression in the listeners heart, requires good and high quality microphones. It doesn’t matter if you are a bathroom singer or a professional you-tuber, or if you dream of becoming a singer in future, then you should always choose the best microphones for voice recording out their in the market. Microphones affects your voice frequency and clarity to a huge extent. Therefore, choosing the best microphones for yourself is a must investment.
It doesn’t matter if you are recording your voice at a professional environment, home studio or out there in the open, microphones play a big role in reducing the noise effects and producing the best mixes. In this article today, we will know about the best microphones in India for youtubers, singers and reporters.

The Best Microphone in India along with the microphone price for you-tubers, singers, gamers and reporters are mentioned below:

1) Boya Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone With 20ft Audio Cable- For DSLRs,Camcorders,Video Cameras And iPhone,Samsung,HTC Smart Phone

Price: Rs 1,089.00

Here are Some of the key features of this product

Clip-On Mic for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC etc
Omni directional condenser microphone
High-quality condenser is ideal for video use
Low handling noise

Here is a detailed review by a verified customer

This review might be little lengthy but I can assure you, its worth reading. I am writing this review after personally using the item for a month now.

Omnidirectional Microphones with 6 meter wire
Metal lapel clip
Foam windscreen
LR44 battery
Leather pouch
1/4″ Adapter
User manual

The Manufacturer
The product is a made in China product made by BOYA AUDIO EQUIPMENT(SHENZEN) CO. LTD. and it has a QR label at the back by which you can check the genuinity of the product. Boya is into making of Audio equipment’s for quite a while now and this model ( BY M1) is one of their cost effective lapel mic.

THE best part about owning this product is that , it works with almost any audio recording equipment we can think of. Be it LAPTOP, TABLETS, SMARTPHONES, CAMCORDER, DSLR or AUDIO CODERS, this product works with all of them. The mic comes with a universal 3.5mm jack which is brushed in gold to provide you awesome audio experience.

The ELECTRIC CONDENSER has an ON/OFF switch which helps it work with all the above equipment’s. Just remember , while using it with SMARTPHONES, you just need to turn the switch OFF.
The mic comes with a Frequency range of 65Hz to 18KHz and a noise tolerance of 74dB SPL, so it is highly sensitive to noise. It is therefore advised to use the foam windscreen on the mic even when recording indoors.

I bought this mic a month ago and ever since this has become my primary microphone for video presentations. Though it has tons of PROs but I will go with CONS first. The biggest disadvantage is the round and 6 meter long wire. It gets tangled up every time I use it. I prefer a flat wire instead of round. The second major problem is the also the major advantage of this mic – HIGH SENSITIVITY. I tried using the mic once without the foqm windscreen and it was not a good experience at all. The mic sensed my breathing and that too a little louder…

However the problem resolved after the using the foam windscreen. Also because of its high sensitivity , I would recommend you to use it atleast 15 to 20 cm away from your face, which is also mentioned in the User manual.

The battery insertion should be properly done checking the positive and negative poles. Unless done properly, the mic wont work.
,NOW THE PROs- A mic is suppose to record clear audio and I assure you, this fella does its job way better than its competitors. Though the wire gets tangled, but the long wire serves my purpose. I don’t have to stick to one place. Kudos. The best thing– I don’t have to get separate mics for my DSLR and AUDIO CODERS.


This works with all the above. If you are one who is looking for a perfect microphone within 2000 INR, this will be the best option available till date in the market. If you are willing to get it for your YOUTUBE videos, close your eyes and go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Hope this review helps you in deciding your PURCHASE

It can be bought at amazon at just Rs 1,089.00 by clicking on this link here


2) Generic E_57000455 3.5MM Clip On Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone for Android/iOS Device (Black)

Price: Rs 178.00

Here are Some of the key features of this product

Compatible with iPhone
Compatible with Android Smartphones with CTIA standard devices that support TRRS Jack
Product is not compatible with DSLR cameras
Specifications : Polar pattern: Omnidirectional Mic diameter : 6.0*2.7 mm Sensitivity: -30Db+-2dB Frequency Range: 20-20KHz Output Impedance: 58dB Wire: 1.5 Meters Long

Here is a detailed review by a verified customer

It works on every Dslr and SLr camera and all samsung smartphone. Support on karaoke but. Not for perfect in singing. IT supports almost all the smartphones, so it Should support your device too :). This is not much satisfactory as expected. the audio quality after recording is not good.There is no sound quality improvement after using this mike the quality of the product is much low this is also very much high price and this price. IT WORK WITH REDMI NOTE 4 ,NOTE 3 ,ALL REDMI PHONES.


Worked well with my mobile..
Good for beginners.
Avery very good product value for money.


Quality of recorded voice is very low.
Does not work on laptop and tablets.
Not working in MOTO G4 and Iphone 5s

It can be bought at amazon at just Rs 178.00 by clicking on this link here


3) Generic 57000928MG Silica Gel Professional Condenser Microphone Sound Studio Recording Dynamic (Works With Phantom Power Supply Or Sound Card Only)

Price: Rs 1,169.00

Here are Some of the key features of this product

Works with Phantom Power Supply Or Sound Card Only
It will work good only with phantom power
100% Brand New And High Quality

Here is a detailed review by a verified customer

Great for beginners and intermediate.

It is best with phantom power supply. If you are using with USB sound card. Then you should amplify the sound with editing software like audicity. This condenser microphone is great for beginners as well as intermediate. I am using it with external sound card, Kotion each s1 pro gaming headset and soundcard worth Rs 703

It can be bought at amazon at just Rs 1,169.00 by clicking on this link here


4) Piqancy Brand New Mini Professional USB External Microphone Mic Collar Clip for GoPro Hero Microphone

piqancy-professional-mini-lavalier-lapel-microphone-3-5mm-omni-original-imaffh9yyakcgdgz-300x295 Best Microphone in India For Youtubers, Singers and Gamers

buy_btn_1-b05fffbb Best Microphone in India For Youtubers, Singers and Gamers

Price: Rs 220

Here are Some of the key features of this product

Compact, attractive appearance, high sensitivity High quality design fit voice chat, video conferencing, voice recording, online karaoke Clip-on design, easy to clip it to your shirt, collar or placed in small pockets This product is compatible in accordance with standard headset jacks 7RRS, CTIA equipment, such as IPAD,IPHONE cell phone, HTC phones, Samsung mobile phones, LG mobile computers, consistent with the TRRS,OMTP standard plug the headset device, through a special transfer switch wiring used. With Draw string lavalier Microphone bag Cable Length: approx. 1M MIC Length: approx. 28mm

It can be bought at Flipkart at just Rs 220 by clicking on this buy_btn_1-b05fffbb Best Microphone in India For Youtubers, Singers and Gamers


These are the best microphones in India for for youtubers, singers, gamers and news reporters. These are not just singing mic but some of these wireless microphone are the best microphone for singing. If you are planning to buy a microphone you can get these best microphones for your voice recording at a great discounted price by clicking on the above links. For buying a microphone you should consider few things like your budget, compatibility with the devices you have and of-course the ease of use. This article will surely help you for buying best microphones for youtubers, singers, gamers and news reporters. These are the top rated microphones in India for youtubers, singers, gamers and news reporters.

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