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We at jamhuriat, are committed to provide high quality news articles and updates from India and around the world.

Now-a-days, it’s not that hard to become a media or news portal, but it takes lot of efforts, to bring forward, only the relevant and up to date news and updates.

We at Jamhuriat, also believe in high quality free education for all. Education is something that should be given to one and all. We are committed to bring forward, free and high quality education for all in our free education section. In the free education section, we will provide high quality articles on various subjects and for all level exams which will include content for exams like that of I.A.S, Bank P.O, SSB, U.P.S.C and various other government and some private jobs.

We, at jamhuriat, have a specially dedicated highly trained and experienced trainers for computer languages like Php, Jquery, Javascript, Mysql, Android, Java and many other programming languages.

Our trainers are in the industry for many years, so all the content in the free education section is relevant and up to date with the industry standards.

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