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Padmaavat Movie presented Khilji as the new icon of ‘love jihaad’ ! Dishonoring women of the conquered race was ultimate humiliation & indelible insult that remains imprinted on the psyche of the communal race for centuries .

Yesterday evening, we watched the Padmaavat Movie which was considered as one of the masterpiece of bollywood and we couldn’t figure out exactly what’s wrong with the movie. It’s a neat and clear movie with no such dream sequence or dream song. There is nothing to get offend  by the movie as it doesn’t hurt any communities feelings . Infact, The Padmaavat Movie has glorified the dignities and traditions of the Rajput Community. Sanjay Leela bhansali portrayed the Padmaavat Movie very well and has justified with the Characters.

Someone on Facebook has written this and we at Jamhuriat think the same about this:
PADMAAVAT is women self respect.
PADMAAVAT is rajput pride.
PADMAAVAT is power for sacrifice.
PADMAAVAT is the lesson for womanizer.
PADMAAVAT is classic pride of Indian cinima.

Technical excellence:
Sanjay Leela bansali done great job.
Music also excellent.
Deepika padukune done a tremendous performance.
Sahid Kapoor is fit for ratan sing.
Ranveer Singh done marvellous performance. This year he will win all the awards. Ranveer Singh performance is plus for this movie.

Art director and costume designer also deserves national award.

History of Padmaavat Movie as Portrayed in Bharat Ek Khoj

If you don’t want to wait for the Padmaavat Movie, here is the episode of Bharat Ek Khoj, showing mostly undiluted story based on the same source material. They have not shown the “Johar” part, as it was not allowed on TV those days. But rest of the story is presented as it is from the epic poem Padmaavat. Interestingly, Sanjay Bansali’s name is shown in end credit as assistant editor. He must have got the idea of this movie while working on this episode. But he had no idea that people will protest so much while everyone liked the series. The tolerance level has gone down in recent days, and it’s impossible to even speak from heart!! Well, I don’t know if the movie will be able to continue it’s shows in theater, but at least no one is protesting against this episode!!

Congress Hand In the Violent Protests for the Padmaavat Movie ?

However, Social Media Users have shared this Picture. In this viral Picture which is doing rounds on social media, a critical point is raised. It raises a serious questions as to why only BJP ruled states faced chaos just over a film called “Padmaavat“. Users believe that this is a well played trap being laid out by the congress to distract BJP from working in ruling states.

Padmaavat-Movie-Jamhuriat-183x300 Padmaavat Movie presented Khilji as the new icon of ‘love jihaad’ | Theaters Vandalized
Padmaavat Movie Jamhuriat
Here’s How the Social Media Reacted


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