Q K Jamhuriat hai | Pakistani comedy show

Q K Jamhuriat hai Or kyun kay jamhuriat/jamhooriat hai is a political satire/Pakistani funny and comedy program comedy show at Channel 24News HD.

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Q K Jamhuriat Hai 29 April 2017 | 24 News

Jamhuriat Ko Khatra | Q K Jamhuriat Hai | 22 July 2017 | 24 News HD

Q K Jamhuriat hai Host:
Q-k-jamhuriat-hai-host-zoe-malic Q K Jamhuriat hai | Pakistani comedy show
Q k jamhuriat hai host zoe malic

Zoe malic is the host/anchor of Q k Jamhuriat hai. Zeo, a beautiful young girl and a feminist by choice hosts the show with her mesmerizing voice and glamorous looks, that is one of the reason why our generation is hooked to this show.

Q K Jamhuriat hai Project head /Producer, Executive producer, Director and Writer:

Ali nk is the project head and Producer of this laughter show. Ali nk, a well known name in the entertainment industry has the responsibility of heading this project with his experience.

Sohail Zaidi is the Executive producer  of this show. Sohail Zaidi is the man, we cannot thank much for giving us this opportunity to witness and be a part of this, once in a lifetime kind of funny journey. He is the brain behind this show and yes, we could proudly say, thank you Sohail, for making us laugh so hard.

Haider niazi is the director of this laughter show. Haider niazi, another well known name in the entertainment industry heads the department of direction for this show and is among the few people, responsible for the success of this show.

Shahid Mehmood is the writer of this laughter show. Shahid Mehmood, whose writing skills speak for itself is the man with the pen, who makes us all laugh with his satirical sense of humour. We all know, this show is one of the best comedy show, pakistan has to offer. Shahid has been with the team since the very inception of the idea of this show and has truly proved his worth and is among the core team members of the show.

Q K Jamhuriat hai Cast:

Here is the full list of Q k Jamhuriat hai cast:

  • Zahid Qureshi
  • Naeem kashmiri
  • Shaukat Ali Awan
  • Mansar Faheem
  • Saeed Ahmed Shaheen
  • Waseem Butt

and many more

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